I have always wanted to have the naive opinion that through art veiled truths hidden in the shadows of reality, beyond our perception, can be lassoed into existence if given the proper enticement. I want to believe that through creating room-size places or miniature spaces, or miniature places in big open spaces, or shadowy people staring into blackness, that my imagination, and hopefully that of the viewers', is able to connect with places that exist beyond the boundary of possibility, and that we're able to conjure new realities to explore. 

My work transitions from sketches into environment/ drawing/ painting/ light-study photograph amalgamations . In sketch form, the slippery transition between negative and positive edges, in addition to the lead truths, is something I try to retain in the images and constructions.   

The images are fashioned from toothpicks, old clothes, blankets, cereal boxes, little sample paints from Home Depot and other stuff from around the house.  They are lit using a plethora of different lights then photographed. Some take a few hours to create and some take hundreds. Staging these sets for the camera is the only time I feel completely connected to my surroundings. I hear sound effects inside my head, I imagine living in the sets, more parts of my brain seem to function, life feels genuinely my own, I get boosts of adrenaline when revelations pop out of the ether and help me finish a scene.





University of New Mexico, Master of Fine Arts, Photography

Indiana University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Minor, Art History


2017-2015 Photographer, Zulily, E-commerce company

2017-2009 Owner, SeeSaw Imaging. A photography, design and illustration LLC that works with a plethora of different clients: From brides and families  to advertising firms like The Heavyweights and Cassis Design, to nonprofits like Anchor of Hope Charities, and The Indiana University School of Medicine. And, large children’s dance companies like “Tippy Toes”.

2013-2010 Assistant Photographer and editor, King Shots

2007 Assistant to the studio owner, Cook Studio

2004 Assistant Photography Lab Supervisor, University of New Mexico

2003 Assistant photography Lab Coordinator, Indiana University

2003 Location photographer, Chadon Photography



The Art Institute of Indianapolis, Media Arts Faculty

2013-08 Adv. Principles of Photography, Lighting, Adv. Lighting, Photo Criticism Editorial Photography, Portraiture

The International Center of Photography

2007-06 Teaching Assistant

The University of New Mexico

2006-04 Instructor of Record: Introduction to Digital Photography, Color Photography, B/W Darkroom

Indiana University Henry Hope School of Fine Arts

2003-02 Assisted tenured faculty with advanced and intermediate classes



2017 "Meaningful Places" Landmarks Exhibition at IMOCA, Indianapolis, IN

2015 CVG Show, Guest Lecturer and Participating Artist, Bremerton WA

2014 Review Santa Fe Participant

2013 Atelier Boba Residency, Paris

2013 Recipient, Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship, Indianapolis Arts Council

2011 Environmental Portraiture work featured in “The Wall Street Journal” online

2010 Guest Lecturer, Bellarmine University

2008 Illustrator, ‘Dream Power’, a children’s book by Dr. Ora Pescovitz

2006 First Place recipient, Contemporary Biennial, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2005 Brooks Fellowship, David Hilliard + Jonathan Singer Workshop, Anderson Ranch, CO

2005 Guest lecturer, Donggang Photo Festival, Yeongwol, South Korea

2004 Graduate research and development grant, University of New Mexico

2002 Henry Radford Hope Teaching Assistantship

2002 Midwest Society for Photographic Education competition, First Place



2017 "Make America Create Again," COCA Gallery, Seattle, WA

2016 Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

2015 Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Solo exhibition, ”Choose Your Own Adventure”

2014 “Exposure”, Open Shutter Gallery, Durango CO

2014 IUCA+D Design Center, Columbus, Indiana

2013 “Out of Our Minds,” Indianapolis IN

2013 Chicago Project Exhibition V, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

2013 “I Like Photographing People, Actually Just This One Person,” Circle City Industrial Complex, Indianapolis

2012 “Optical Portrait Stories” Porter Gallery, New York, New York

2012 TURF, Indianapolis, Indiana

2011 "From Down Inside the Well, Under the Lighthouse" Caladan Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

2011 "NEXT," Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art, Chicago

2010 “Photography Invitational,” Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky

2010 “On Other Planets,” Christopher West Presents, Indianapolis, Indiana

2009 "Although the walls are closing in," Pictura Gallery, Bloomington

2008 WFYI TV 20 and NPR Production of "Dreamtime." featured artist

2006 “Contemporary Biennial,” Albuquerque Museum, New Mexico

2006 “Playhouse Archives” Exhibition, The Jonson Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2005 “Artificial Environments,” solo exhibition, Pingyao Photo Festival, China

2003 “Arrival,” Albuquerque International Airport, New Mexico

2003 “Purging Curiosities,” SOFA Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana

2002 “Student / Professor Photography Show, “Life is Serious, but Art is Fun,” Bloomington, Indiana



Neil King, Owner King Shots Photography, neil@kingshots.com

Judy Kendall, President Anchor of Hope Charities, judy_l_kendall@yahoo.com

Christopher West, Curatorial | Consulting | Consignments: cw@christopherwestpresents.com

Kevin McLean, Editorial Editing Lead, Zulily, kmclean@zulily.com

Sam Hunt. Product Studio Supervisor, Zulily, shunt@zulily.com